Thai girl, 155cm, long hair, natural big breasts, good English, good service


sexy, standard figure, long hair, very good service, very popular, high rate of return, very hot


young and beautiful. Naturally big breasts, gentle and lovely, the skin is smooth and delicate, the service is very good. Very high return rate


160cm, C cup Young and beautiful, slim, sexy and cute, good service 年轻漂亮,服务好


23yo 168cm 46kg, very attentive & patient, super cooperative.. you will fall in love with her.


155cm,50kg Sunny and cheerful, warm, good service 阳光热情,服务好

Kiki ~ new!

Fresh and Juice sunny girl, she provides real GFE, a real 100% girl friend experience

Angela ~new!

She looks like the girl next door, but she is experienced to provide first-class services


rocket pocket with loads of energy. Very friendly and exceptional service


The skin is smooth and tender, young and beautiful, sweet and lovely, natural big breast D cup, good service皮肤光滑细嫩


New girl, young and beautiful, with long hair and waist, slender, gentle and lovely, full of femininity, able to meet the needs of customers, with a high rate of return

New Sunny

Young and beautiful, with a big breast and D cup, 160cm, cheerful and generous, treats guests with smiles, good service年轻漂亮,胸大D罩杯


Slim, petite, sexy, open-minded, good service attitude, obedient to the requirements of customers, can do all services, high rate of return


Young and beautiful, long hair, very good service, very popular with customers


Taiwanese model,163cm Young and beautiful, good figure, warm to customers, very good service, she can satisfy customers with all kinds of service requirements made by customers


158cm, 48kg, 27yo, very sexy. good service, 非常性感. 女人味十足,服务好

Lucy (Korean)

155cm, 45kg, Gentle, patient, and the best service to you 温柔,很有耐心,给客人最 优质的服务

Yuyu (Japanese)

156cm, 50kg, 29yo, good service, Can meet any of your needs回头率高


160cm, 50kg, 37D, 28yo Thai girl, she can do all the service, is the best service of Artarmon 78A, highly recommended 可以做一切服务,预约很多


160cm, 50kg, 28yo, excellent english 服务很好,英语好

Assa (Available at 78A artarmon )

Singaporean, 156cm, 46kg, fist class service, high return rate优质服务,回头率高


29yo,162 cm,54kg ,Work hard, service is very good 能吃辛苦,服务很好

116 gentlemen’s club is within 2 mins walking distance from the Artarmon train station (Corner location opposite the Artarmon train station ). Discreet parking is available at the back entrance of the shop in order to ensure your privacy and convenience. Our shop has warm and elegant atmosphere, every room has ensuite bathroom, double-bed, air-con, television and so on. We aiming to provide exceptional service, our ladies are from different Asian countries, they are young, gorgeous and rotates on a daily basic. Promotion is currently on for new and return customers.

Full Service

  • 20 mins
  • 30 mins
  • 45 mins
  • 60 mins
  • $80.00
  • $90.00
  • $120.00
  • $150.00
  • 116 Hampden Rd, Artarmon NSW 2064

  • 9am–10pm / 7 days

  • WeChat ID:ZLZ78a